Our story

The Civic Group began operating from a small Collins Street tenancy in 2010.

The team had varied skills but a shared goal to respond to communications challenges with a campaign mindset, delivering strategic solutions not reactionary responses.

By bringing together communications, media and political experts, The Civic Group helped clients influence public opinion, policy makers and stakeholders. As more clients turned to us for communications support and advice, the range of services offered and the size of the team expanded.

Civic Creative opened in 2013, offering a range of creative services that told a story, struck a chord and made audiences stop, listen and act.

To deepen the company’s consumer public relations capabilities and property infrastructure sector expertise, Civic Reputation opened in 2015, coinciding with the company’s move to Queen Street.

In 2019 Civic Financial Communications launched, providing communications counsel to some of Australia’s most prominent business, political and community leaders and helping them respond to the specific challenges and opportunities that litigation, liquidation, mergers, acquisitions, arbitration and capital raising can present.

In 2021 Civic Data launched with the know-how and technology demanded by the data revolution. The company delivers solutions that are relevant, scalable, and future-proof, ensuring ethics, governance and compliance are bonded to strategic growth.

Over the past two years while big agencies made widespread redundancies, we kept growing and adding complementary service expertise and capabilities – we’re now bigger, better and bolder than ever.

With more people joining the business we’ve outgrown our historical model of launching a new sister ‘Agency’ to provide each communications specialty we offer. A change was needed. The Civic Partnership – a new professional advisory model that will set the benchmark for strategic communications consultancies – is that change.


/ˈsɪvɪk/ adjective

relating to the duties of a citizen, or the activities of a city, citizenship, or community affairs