Some of our experts

Some of our success stories

Cooperative research centre

In 2017, Civic was engaged to launch a new cooperative research centre’s (CRC) brand and develop a program of public relations activity to generate exposure, attract suitable participants for co-funding and provide platforms for advocacy and education.

Over the next five years, Civic helped the CRC secure coverage of media announcements and profile its executives, provided spokesperson training and place industry thought leadership pieces.

By December 2021, the CRC had catalysed more than $230 million of investment in collaborative research projects across Australia, with the chief executive and leadership team regularly contributing to industry forums, trade publications, media interviews, and government discussion papers.

Civic continues to work with the CRC on the development and placement of regular project announcements and thought leadership content.

Global defence and aerospace company

As the Australian agency of record for the world’s largest defence technology company, Civic provides the full-spectrum of corporate communications support including strategic counsel, media relations and content creation.

Civic supports the client engage with their audiences through the development and ongoing implementation of a sustained, integrated communications programme. The client’s capabilities stretch from undersea to space, supported by a presence in every Australian state and territory, creating a complex stakeholder environment that requires a multifaceted communications approach.

At the forefront of our communications strategies to raise awareness of their innovative all-domain technologies and commitment to supporting Australia’s national interests are the company’s Australian leadership and world-class subject matter experts, as well as their key industry and research partners.

Australian-owned international lifestyle brand

As an Australian-owned manufacturer of international beauty brands began to be of interest to the financial media, it appointed Civic to assist it manage all aspects of its media profile.

Targeted media engagement secured significant – and positive – coverage in high-profile business publications, creating a buzz in the investment community. While the founders had not intended to sell the company, the positioning led to several discussion requests from major global beauty players.

Civic successfully positioned the company as an Australian high achiever on the world stage and helped generate interest in the business. Civic continues to manage the client’s corporate communications and are working to build the founders’ profiles while working with them to protect their – and their company’s – reputation in Australia and abroad.

Listed biopharmaceutical company

An Australian-listed global biopharmaceutical company developing and commercialising treatments for patients with genetic, metabolic and life-threatening disorders turned to Civic for better positioning in local and global markets.

Civic developed and delivered a program built around raising awareness of key regulatory milestones, such as FDA and other global market approvals, and the commercialisation of life-saving drugs.

With a booming share price a reflection of increasing market awareness, Civic focused on communicating the company’s plans for future growth and repositioning senior management in the media and the market, resulting in positive coverage in the lead up to the company’s AGM.

Iconic Australian food manufacturer

The Civic Group worked with the company’s legal team to provide communications support during litigation with a competitor.

With the case centred on highly technical intellectual property rights and the transfer of ownership after a sale, precise and specific language needed to be used in all communications. An in-depth understanding of the case was needed to ensure its complexities were accurately described when briefing journalists.

Civic’s thorough approach to media management ensured clear, consistent and coordinated messages were communicated to – and used by – the media.

Major chemical and construction manufacturer

Civic Data created an automated and personalised user experience for our client, which was ultimately deployed across more than 15 brand centric websites to maximise consumer, commercial and b2b products. Simple plug and play functionality means all stakeholders can work independently with the new solutions; reducing the client’s need for external consultants. Our principal consultants scoped, defined, and designed the migration of this entirely new enterprise analytics solution which targets audiences with exponentially more accuracy – meaning greater impact, effectiveness and, ultimately, return on investment