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How data flows between big-tech, consumers and marketing eco-systems has changed. Civic Data knows how to navigate it and clearly explain how organisations can adapt to digitisation free of jargon and intimidation.

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Major travel carrier

Often our clients already have the right marketing technology assets in place, but they’re not being maximised. To avoid the common mistake of significant change management costs for a “shiny new overhaul” Civic Data’s principal consultants looked at the configurations of our client’s existing technologies, to make them work smarter. Through our expert lens, we crafted unique work-around solutions, then designed and executed features that not only solved immediate needs without significant costs – but also maximised our client’s product matrix by baking them in as ongoing features.

Major chemical and construction manufacturer

Civic Data created an automated and personalised user experience for our client, which was ultimately deployed across more than 15 brand centric websites to maximise consumer, commercial and b2b products. Simple plug and play functionality means all stakeholders can work independently with the new solutions; reducing the client’s need for external consultants. Our principal consultants scoped, defined, and designed the migration of this entirely new enterprise analytics solution which targets audiences with exponentially more accuracy – meaning greater impact, effectiveness and, ultimately, return on investment

A publisher's data transformation in a privacy-first world

Civic Data designed compliant identity solutions for this large, ASX-listed media publisher then supported the client’s commercial teams to understand and maximise the new data capabilities. Significant and rapidly approaching changes to data protection regulations requires solid advice on how Australian businesses can avoid regulatory bottlenecks that can drastically hinder growth, yet many CEOs and CMOs just don’t realise just how precarious their position is. For this client Civic Data audited and assisted with ongoing strategic and internal operational management across identity, advertising (contextual targeting platforms, Publisher Adserver (GAM)) and integration with customer data platforms – with related governance and privacy support.

Leading Australian university

Civic Data’s principal consultants identified how prospective students navigate across hundreds of university-owned websites, apps and other touch points to glean insights about the preferences of these user-journeys. The compliant collection of information regarding this interaction required consistent data definitions and naming conventions be deployed correctly within a core data layer by our practitioners. This new data provides our client with rich intelligence for existing and future platforms.