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Some of our success stories

Australian medical 3D printer innovator

Australia’s first and only large-scale manufacturer of customised 3D printed medical and healthcare devices was founded in Melbourne in 2016. As an industry first-mover, the company faced the difficulties associated with navigating Australia’s complex regulatory environment.

Civic has provided media relations, industry engagement and regulatory affairs support to the company since its opening, regularly securing speaking engagements at industry events and appearances in industry and national media.

Our strategic engagement and communications advice and guidance helped the company secure regulatory approval for a range of devices, including a 3D-printed swab which was deployed as part of a COVID testing kit.

Cooperative research centre

In 2017, Civic was engaged to launch a new cooperative research centre’s (CRC) brand and develop a program of public relations activity to generate exposure, attract suitable participants for co-funding and provide platforms for advocacy and education.

Over the next five years, Civic helped the CRC secure coverage of media announcements and profile its executives, provided spokesperson training and place industry thought leadership pieces.

By December 2021, the CRC had catalysed more than $230 million of investment in collaborative research projects across Australia, with the chief executive and leadership team regularly contributing to industry forums, trade publications, media interviews, and government discussion papers.

Civic continues to work with the CRC on the development and placement of regular project announcements and thought leadership content.

Global defence and aerospace company

As the Australian agency of record for the world’s largest defence technology company, Civic provides the full-spectrum of corporate communications support including strategic counsel, media relations and content creation.

Civic supports the client engage with their audiences through the development and ongoing implementation of a sustained, integrated communications programme. The client’s capabilities stretch from undersea to space, supported by a presence in every Australian state and territory, creating a complex stakeholder environment that requires a multifaceted communications approach.

At the forefront of our communications strategies to raise awareness of their innovative all-domain technologies and commitment to supporting Australia’s national interests are the company’s Australian leadership and world-class subject matter experts, as well as their key industry and research partners.

Medical device manufacturer

Engaged by an Australian medical device manufacturer to position the company as an innovative leader in its field, Civic was tasked with securing a pan-industry campaign supporting R&D Tax Incentive reform to benefit the Australian economy.

A diverse mix of strategic communication services were provided underpinned by a content creation plan that included industry thought leadership pieces, social media and digital content.

Working with industry bodies and partners, the manufacturer created the Australian Innovation and Manufacturing (AIM) Incentive – a “patent box” tax break to extend the R&D Tax Incentive by incentivising locally held patents linked to local manufacturing.

A communications and engagement strategy that focused on the creation of an AIM Incentive secretariat was implemented, supported by a website, information materials, stakeholder roadshow, media coverage and submissions to state and federal competitiveness and tax reviews. Ultimately securing bi-partisan support for consideration of a patent box-type tax framework to be implemented in Australia – a significant outcome.

Listed biopharmaceutical company

An Australian-listed global biopharmaceutical company developing and commercialising treatments for patients with genetic, metabolic and life-threatening disorders turned to Civic for better positioning in local and global markets.

Civic developed and delivered a program built around raising awareness of key regulatory milestones, such as FDA and other global market approvals, and the commercialisation of life-saving drugs.

With a booming share price a reflection of increasing market awareness, Civic focused on communicating the company’s plans for future growth and repositioning senior management in the media and the market, resulting in positive coverage in the lead up to the company’s AGM.

Major travel carrier

Often our clients already have the right marketing technology assets in place, but they’re not being maximised. To avoid the common mistake of significant change management costs for a “shiny new overhaul” Civic Data’s principal consultants looked at the configurations of our client’s existing technologies, to make them work smarter. Through our expert lens, we crafted unique work-around solutions, then designed and executed features that not only solved immediate needs without significant costs – but also maximised our client’s product matrix by baking them in as ongoing features.