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Cancer therapy advocacy group

Civic was the driving force behind a national advocacy campaign to secure increased funding for the treatments of one of the nation’s most common life-threatening diseases in the lead-up to the 2019 federal election.

The relentless advocacy of medical practitioners, patient advocates and local communities, supported by Civic, helped secure tens of millions of dollars to build treatment centres in locations across regional Australia.

Following the re-election of the Government, ongoing engagement with communities, doctors and members of parliament continued to help raise awareness of the benefits of therapy and reinforce the essential role it plays.

Establishing a new local government alliance

Civic helped form a national peak body made up of the nation’s fastest growing municipalities that are home to more than four million Australians.

While each member council faced their own individual local issues, they recognised the value of working as a collective to advocate for the services and facilities fast-growing communities deserve but are beyond the remit of local government to fund.

Civic developed a multi-pronged campaign to raise awareness of the organisation and the issues affecting their members. Ten years on, the organisation is thriving.