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Fast food franchisor

A Civic client found itself in the centre of a media storm due to allegations of wage underpayment and other questionable employment and business practices.

Civic advised the company on engagement with regulators and participation in investigative processes exploring these allegations, as well as providing media management services that ensured accurate reporting during an evolving and sensitive situation. With an eye on the ongoing position of the business and its brand, we also worked with the company to implement new business processes and practices, enabling the company to rebuild its reputation on a solid foundation and look forward to future success.

Online travel agency

Civic was engaged by Australia and New Zealand’s leading online travel agency to provide media and communication support for its half-year financial results.

A refined approach to messaging and ASX announcements in line with ASX reporting rules and fiduciary responsibilities was a priority. A comprehensive media and messaging strategy was developed to support the release of the company’s half-year results and key business journalists were briefed, resulting in extensive coverage in leading business publications.

On the day results were released the share price skyrocketed 31% from the previous day’s closing price. The stock opened at $11.37, reached a high of $15.20 before closing at $14.85. The share price continued to climb in the next week to a high of $16.14.

Iconic Australian food manufacturer

The Civic Group worked with the company’s legal team to provide communications support during litigation with a competitor.

With the case centred on highly technical intellectual property rights and the transfer of ownership after a sale, precise and specific language needed to be used in all communications. An in-depth understanding of the case was needed to ensure its complexities were accurately described when briefing journalists.

Civic’s thorough approach to media management ensured clear, consistent and coordinated messages were communicated to – and used by – the media.

Diversified branded spirits company

Engaged to support one of Australia’s largest producers of alcoholic beverages as it undertook capital raising and completed significant post-IPO transactions, Civic provided financial communications support and services.

The work included targeted media engagement which presented the client’s business and founders to key audience groups. Civic also helped produce the capital raising presentation, ensuring the client’s key messages and progressive strategy were communicated in a way that inspired investment support from the audience and increased media awareness.

Shopping centre operator

Civic is a trusted adviser to one of Australia’s largest retail owner operators.

With a focus on planning, development and infrastructure projects, Civic provides strategic government and stakeholder relations, communications and advocacy advice to support our client’s growth plans.

Our work has included supporting our client to secure planning approval for a major shopping centre expansion as well as advocating for a range of public transport improvements.

Major travel carrier

Often our clients already have the right marketing technology assets in place, but they’re not being maximised. To avoid the common mistake of significant change management costs for a “shiny new overhaul” Civic Data’s principal consultants looked at the configurations of our client’s existing technologies, to make them work smarter. Through our expert lens, we crafted unique work-around solutions, then designed and executed features that not only solved immediate needs without significant costs – but also maximised our client’s product matrix by baking them in as ongoing features.

Major chemical and construction manufacturer

Civic Data created an automated and personalised user experience for our client, which was ultimately deployed across more than 15 brand centric websites to maximise consumer, commercial and b2b products. Simple plug and play functionality means all stakeholders can work independently with the new solutions; reducing the client’s need for external consultants. Our principal consultants scoped, defined, and designed the migration of this entirely new enterprise analytics solution which targets audiences with exponentially more accuracy – meaning greater impact, effectiveness and, ultimately, return on investment