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Athlete's off-field media scrum

After a star athlete’s contract with the national team / players association was torn up after posting religious scriptures on social media, Civic was engaged to support him as he took his unlawful termination case to the Fair Work Commission and the Federal Circuit Court.

Subject to intense media scrutiny, a need for the athlete to speak directly to supporters was identified. Content for social media and a dedicated website was created and combined with a proactive approach that saw the story run across all national news networks and mastheads rather than just the sports pages.

By taking control of the narrative, Civic was able to galvanise the athlete’s support base in the face of a well-resourced PR campaign run by his former employers.

In December 2019, a confidential settlement was reached. According to the Australian Financial Review, the Civic-led PR campaign was pivotal in turning “a weak legal hand into a strong suit” that ultimately led to the athlete “extracting a huge payment and apology from rugby authorities”.

A publisher's data transformation in a privacy-first world

Civic Data designed compliant identity solutions for this large, ASX-listed media publisher then supported the client’s commercial teams to understand and maximise the new data capabilities. Significant and rapidly approaching changes to data protection regulations requires solid advice on how Australian businesses can avoid regulatory bottlenecks that can drastically hinder growth, yet many CEOs and CMOs just don’t realise just how precarious their position is. For this client Civic Data audited and assisted with ongoing strategic and internal operational management across identity, advertising (contextual targeting platforms, Publisher Adserver (GAM)) and integration with customer data platforms – with related governance and privacy support.