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Major superannuation funds merger

When two of Australia’s largest public sector superannuation funds considered a merger, they turned to Civic for communications advice and support.

Civic worked with the funds’ management teams, boards and commercial advisers as they planned to announce the potential merger. Identifying, prioritising and mitigating risks was central to this work.

Creating a shared voice and ensuring all communications aligned with both funds’ brands, values, and protocols was a challenge that required significant consideration.

The impact on staff had the potential to incite union action, negative media coverage and an onslaught of resignations. As such, sensitivity was required. A staff engagement program developed by Civic and fronted by both funds’ CEOs helped prevent these events from occurring.

Ongoing communications with staff and unions as the merger negotiations continued was a priority. So too was the implementation of the communication strategy, ensuring internal and external stakeholders were informed of merger discussions at the right time, and in the right way.

Superannuation annual reports

For two consecutive years, Civic themed, wrote and designed the annual report for one of Australia’s leading industry super funds.

Stakeholders were interviewed to confirm the report’s direction, look and feel, theme and approach, with Civic developing a theme and narrative to reflect the fund’s past and future and translating often complex financial information into easy-to-read language accessible to a wide mix of readers.

Improved document wayfinding made the previously cumbersome report easier to navigate and a new approach to presentation included the production of the annual report, a summary brochure and an online flipbook and videos to provide snapshots of the year in review.

Civic also managed a national photographic shoot and scripted and filmed interviews with the CEO and Chair. In both years, the annual report medalled in the Australasian Reporting Awards.

Industry superannuation fund

The Hayne Royal Commission into the Misconduct of the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry has had significant implications for superannuation funds, with many forced to change their governance and business models following legislative reform.

In 2019, a prominent industry fund engaged Civic to help protect and manage its reputation as it changed its fee structure, insurance offering and operations to ensure the fund’s compliance and future success. The changes resulted in significant short-to-medium-term issues for many members, including fee increases, insurance cancellation and disruption to online access to their accounts.

Since 2019, Civic has assisted the fund with proactive and reactive media engagement, thought leadership, website copywriting, member communications and annual and corporate reporting.

Specialist equities fund manager

When a boutique equities fund manager wanted to stand out in a crowded marketplace, it turned to Civic for advice.

Our strategy of shining a light on its values and philanthropic endeavours, one that resonate with a target market of ultra-high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors. Detailed analysis and consultation informed the development of a media program profiling a next generation of talent.

This work was complemented by the design and delivery of a media and communications plan that has increased brand recognition and investor interest, with funds being oversubscribed and closing early.

Civic continues to advise the client on positioning and stakeholder engagement.